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Welcome to the Wiki Edit

Welcome to the Salomer Wiki. This wiki is a compilation of notes and lore of the fictional fantasy land of Salomer, which I have been developing in and out for years now. This wiki isn't a collaborative project so much as it is simply a way for me to record my thoughts. However, because Wikia is stupid and doesn't let you make private wikis, all my stuff will be posted to say. However, with that in mind, know that any and all pages I create on this wiki will be instantly made private and there will be no participation by the audience.

What is Salomer? Edit

Salomer is a fictional land, about the size of real-life Texas, that is typically seen by me as a generic fantasy world. I'm not trying to be innovative here; Salomer is basically just a creative exercise for me, in addition to a way of projecting my notion of what is a good fantasy world. Again, this is not a collaborative project. In addition to writing about Salomer, I will provide many pictures of areas of the country that are actually images of real-world places taken from the Wikimedia commons, which is actually an excellent tool for this kind of thing. Proper credit will be provided in the image details.
Salomer is divided into several subdivisions known as counties, which are further divided into baronies. Salomer is governed by a king or queen, in addition to a body of twenty-four individuals known as the Royal Council, which deals with less pressing matters. Counties are governed by counts, and baronies barons.

Salomer is roughly the size of Texas, and has a diverse range of geography. The entire eastern border runs along the Alingar Mountains, while numerous other, smaller ranges, run through the country. From the lowlands of the interior north to the marshes of the southwest, Salomer is no doubt a land of diversity, but generally never gives up on the 'green' feeling.

The capital city of Salomer, Cheyheath, lies in the central regions of the country, in the province of Soldohor. Numerous lakes are scattered throughout the region, including Lake Dolohor, the largest and most prominent in the land.

How is this wiki organized? Edit

This wiki is obviously spread into various pages. On the top of this page, the numerous categories are outlined, such as geography, subdivisions, government and demographics. Within those pages are various descriptions and links to other pages where you can read all about Salomer and its various elements. Again, this wiki isn't a collaborative project, and is more so meant to be just little bit of information that you can read about, for whatever reason. So if that's you intention, by all means, press on.